day 6
day 6
Hooray for eco-friendly decoration items!

Candles, balls and wreaths: getting into the holiday spirit relies heavily on decorations. But there’s more to life than garland lights! Stand out from the crowd by creating your own festive accessories with recycled materials. Here are few simple ideas to get you started.

Popsicle sticks and corks can easily be recycled into small decorative items. To do so, simply rinse them well, then glue them together in the shape of stars, balls, letters – the choice is yours to make. You can also paint the sticks and use corks of varying sizes and colours.

Create a beautiful garland with cardboard or recycled paper that’s sufficiently thick – but not too thick. The idea is to have you cut out shapes of your choosing (stars, Christmas trees, simple circles, etc.) and sew them onto a pretty piece of string, making sure to leave a bit of space between each shape.

You can also set aside old light bulbs and dip their top glassy section in paint. Place them upright to dry on a paper towel, deck them out with hook and string, and you’ll be equipped with totally eco-friendly ball ornaments!