day 18
day 18
Say bye-bye to gift wrap

Most gift wrap on the market is regrettably not recyclable. This year, instead of overflowing trash cans with plastic packaging, how about opting for ecological and cost-effective alternatives?

The classic pairing of newspaper or magazine paper + string works very well (remember to smooth out any paper creases by flattening under a pile of books), but you can also mix things up by opting for a road map or sheet music that no longer serves a purpose, or even a split-open paper grocery bag. Scraps of fabric, dishcloths or towels (100% clean, of course!) are other good alternatives to paper, particularly because the gift recipient’s first name or a short, sweet message can be sewn onto them.

An even more original option: an empty bag of chips flipped upside down. Rinse it thoroughly in hot water, and you’ll then have silver paper at your disposal.

For their part, Mason jars, empty coffee pots and aluminum cans make for ideal rigid packaging choices. You can add a personal touch by way of a ribbon, a sticker or a lick of paint.

Lastly, you can also breathe new life into your paper cups by following these easy steps :

  • Using a pair of scissors, make small notches (of about 1 to 1.5 inches) near the rim of the cup, spaced equally apart.
  • Place your gift inside the cup.
  • Delicately fold the notches inward, so as to seal the cup.