day 15
day 15
Opt for intangible gifts

If spoiling your loved ones is definitely in the cards this holiday season, the good news is that you can do so without purchasing material goods.

It can take on the form of a little attention (breakfast in bed for your partner), a tangible service (painting the shed, going grocery shopping, shovelling the driveway), a gift card or a subscription to a sporting or cultural activity. The options are limitless!

You can also create a photo album, a compilation of positive quotes or a book of DIY beauty recipes. As natural skin care enthusiasts already know, yogurt is an ideal base for many shampoos, moisturizing creams and single-use face masks.

To kick-start your notebook (which can consist of sheets of white paper bound together with a string or ribbon), here’s a quick and easy face wash recipe made with plain yogurt and freshly squeezed lemon. Simply combine ingredients, apply to the face with a cotton ball, then rinse with cold water. Simple, oh so natural and suitable for all skin types.