day 10
day 10
Consume less energy

A less energy-intensive holiday season doesn’t necessarily mean candle-lit illumination. But it does imply sizeable savings!

In fact, by swapping your conventional light bulbs for ENERGY STAR-approved LED (light-emitting diode) lights, your decorative lights will consume on average 75% less energy and will do so without generating heat – and up to 90% less energy if you stick to a single colour.

Incorporating a timer will also ensure that your indoor and outdoor decorative lights are not left on unnecessarily overnight, when there’s no one to marvel at their beauty. In addition to this, make sure you purchase lights that are suitable for their intended use (inside or outside) and don’t plug too many things into a single wall outlet. Remember that it can’t supply more than 15 amps.

These simple actions really make a difference, without robbing you of the holiday joys and merriment. So why go without?